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I chose to participate in this blog hop because I am one of those Mom's who never, ever, ever, wants to throw anything out!! If my child scribbled on it, it must be kept!! Although through the years I have eased a little. I realized that if I kept going at that rate my whole house would be boxes full to the brim of artwork from my kids.

Someone suggested to me to take pictures of them so I am trying that approach. I do take a lot of pictures though which will mean purchasing new hard drive at least twice a year. I can't help that it is an obsession!! I went through all the artwork and took pictures. It still took me two weeks to finally throw the originals away. It felt sinful.

But, with four children and lots of schoolwork, I have to compromise. So, goodbye paper world and hello digital. I shall try, very hard to capture them all on camera and sort through the originals, only keeping the ones that are ...... ummm... which ones can I keep? This is hard work man. But, I need to eliminate clutter. Ummm.... Hand prints are a must keep, any hand crafted 3-D creations within reason are a must keep. Ok, I think I will stop at that. Wish me luck. I will need it.

My children on the other hand are not thrilled with this idea. They feel that I should keep everything. When I say everything I am referring to every piece of paper they bring home. How many of your children want to keep the old work books from last year? I mean they never want to throw them out. Homework too... they have to keep it all. Where did this come from? It is the abyss of school taking over my house. I have obtained an accordian folder for each of my children. Each year they can choose what they want to keep, but it must fit in one pocket of the folder.  Do you know what I ended up with then? I went into my daughters bedroom where I found stacks of papers shoved in her closet. Oh My!!!!

Here is a Ginger Bread House that my children made this year. 
I like these crafts cause they get eaten and don't continually take up space.

At least they weren't meant to. I have a confession.  In my closet I have a ginger bread house. Yes, you heard me right and I wonder where my kids get it. This Ginger Bread house was given to me last year by my son so it is now a year old. It doesn't look too bad either although I wouldn't suggest opening it. We kept it on display last year and I didn't have the heart to eat it or toss it so it went in the closet where it shall return again this year. I know I said I wanted to reduce clutter and I know how bad it must be to keep a food product for this long. But, it's special and a picture just doesn't cut it.

This House is a year old!! Doesn't look too bad though eh?

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