12/30/2010 Charlene Long 3 Comments

I am sitting here and it is now 3:15 am ans so far it has been a success. He is still awake and so am I. I have a pounding headache, have drank way too much coffee and I am losing my patience. I think it is because I am so tired, but my twelve year old decided that she couldn't sleep which, in all honesty, means she will not be pleasant in the morning. I can't seem to drink enough coffee. My daughter is the queen Talk a Holic. I really am not trying to be mean but seriously, she cannot stop talking for five minutes.  Again, it could be that I am cranky cause I have been up since 6:30 am with the children and it is now 3:30 and I remain awake. WTF?? Are they trying to torture me? I just cannot wait for it all to be done. This way I can figure out how to help him.

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Sleep deprivation is just the worst. I hope you managed to grab a few hours! Jen

Firefly2823 said...

Hang in there girl u can do this..And I know on what you mean about the talk a holic part..Maryann does it all the time and I am looking at her and saying can I just have 5 mins of paece her..But what are you going to do you have to love them no matter what..hope you get some sleep when u come home.

Bella said...

Glad you got through it!