Dec. 29, 2010- Wacky Wonderful Wednesday

Well, boy, I have to state that yesterday was a crazy day. Have you ever seen something as it was happening and couldn't stop it? I had this happen yesterday. I already talked about that today though but I omitted what I said when my son got hit with the door. All I could think was Shit!! As the thought came into my head I shouted it. Ooops..... Children around me and I was in the parking lot of the pediatrician. Ummm... just a little awkward eh? The funniest part, was my son's response to this was Shit Shit Shit as he was twitching his head no. While it isn't funny I guess it makes it easier to cope when you can laugh at the smaller things. Laughter is good!!! His dad asked him if he wanted a piece of candy and he said yes but was shaking his head no so he said to Buddy, No you don't want candy. Buddy just laughed. He knows that his daddy was just kidding. LOL
So, What is your hump day funny or just a hump day moment you want to share?
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