Oh, The Cuteness...

I decided to link up to a few blog hops today but I had a hard time deciding which one. 
They are some great sites and I encourage you to link up!!!

Today was a pretty calm day. Chucky stayed home from school because he had vomited in school yesterday and that meant he has to stay home today and I have the school policy to thank for that. He really wasnt sick. Then we went to bring Princess to her singing group and went to Rite Aid to get him a drink. While we were there he found the aisle for Stuffies!! Just my luck!! Needless to say we did not leave the store without one. LOL!!! Here are some pics from this afternoon and evening!!

This afternoon Chucky got a package from Table Top Pies. There were 6 apple pies in the box. They sent them because we had a mishap in which there was mold on the bottom of one of the pies. Chucky got very very upset. Today he was so happy to see the pies. but he was also apprehensive and had to check the pies. 
He was definitely satisfied and enjoyed eating it!!

Princess got home from school and wanted some of the pumpkin bread that Chucky made with his Grandma. She had a slice of it with some butter spread on top. Yummy and it looked delicious too.

It has been so hard to choose pics from this spontaneous shoot. We had just gotten home from singing group and Chucky took his sisters hat right off her head and started saying,"Alrighty cowboy!!!" He repeated this like 20 times while taking the hat off and bowing forward a little. It was so cute!!

the long road

Tots and Me

Then he was finally sleepy. 
Goodnight my monster and have wonderful dreams.

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