Ready for a Flashback?

9/21/2012 Charlene Long 4 Comments

I like to sometimes link up to a meme as it prompts me to write and post. Something has to motivate me right? So Flashback Friday... hmm..... Going back through the years has been tough lately, but sometimes it can be wonderful.

My babies have grown soo much!!!

Chucky Cheese





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Lucy said...

Watching them grow and looking back is bittersweet sometimes. Such cutie pies :)

With each click of the camera, I feel a little pang. It seems photos force me to actually see how much my baby has grown. While I love seeing him continue to grow into the person he will be, I sure do miss that little baby!

Thanks for sharing these sweet photos. :)

{Visiting from Flashback Friday}

How adorable!
Can you believe how quickly they grow up? it seems like just a minute and they are teenagers.
I know just how you feel, mine are all moved out ith places of their own, and girlfriendsl Even one has a little one of his own.
Enjoy them now while they are little. <3

Camille said...

Awww, they grow up too fast, don't they?!